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Herbal teas and infusions in Lugo

Herbal teas and infusions are pleasant and soothing beverages that can be enjoyed at any time. You may start your day with it or relax and re-energize with a cup of hot tea during the day. Teas aid better digestion after meals and help ensure sound sleep at night. The products that Columbia Coffee distributes are 100% natural and come from herbal factories which cultivate the herbs and medicinal plants from which the infusions are created.

Natural Products

We have a wide range of teas and natural infusions available in pods and capsules. These are grown and produced by companies using environmentally friendly farming systems safeguarding human health and respecting the environment. We guarantee that our products are completely free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. We produce the following types of teas:

1 – Red Tea

Red Tea also known as Roobios, is an infusion of many properties. It is an anti-inflammatory and digestive drink possessing very low caffeine content. Absolutely delicious with its infusion of fragrant flowers and fruits, this tea makes for a refreshing and energizing break. 

2 – Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants and low in protein content, green tea is a healthy beverage with a delicate and pleasant flavor.

3 – Black Tea

The classic black tea with its characteristic intense flavor and rich aroma is a stimulating drink and provides the needed energy boost.

4 – Red Fruits Tea

This tea is an enriching combination of hibiscus flowers, rose-hip, apple, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, black currant and elderberry resulting in an aromatic and intense infusion. Having no caffeine, this infusion is healthy and hence suitable for everyone.

5 – Strawberry-Raspberry Tea

This blend is a delightful combination of berries and flowers. Being totally caffeine-free, this infusion has an extremely refreshing and rejuvenating effect.

6 – Peach Tea

The peach infusion is a delicacy enriched with flavors of rose hip, apple, orange peel, peach and hibiscus flowers. It is a subtle infusion and flavorful combination without caffeine.

7 – Ginger and Lemon Tea

This infusion is prepared using lemongrass, ginger root, liquorice leaves and lemon zest. It has a pleasant yet spicy note that helps activate the metabolism rate and detoxify the body.

8 – Barley Tea

Lacking in caffeine, barley is an anti-inflammatory drink that aids in digestion. Being rich in fibers and minerals, this is an energizing drink for all.

9 – Herbal Tea

We make herbal tea made from lemon balm, a medicinal plant which has soothing and relaxing qualities. This fresh and sweet tasting infusion has positive effects on one’s health and provides sound sleep. 

10 – Chamomile Tea

A warm infusion of chamomile tea has soothing and cleansing properties. With its sweet and aromatic scent, this is a perfect drink to savor and enjoy in a moment of pure tranquility.

11 – Delicate Herbal Tea

In addition to our regular range of infusions and teas, we offer a special delicate herbal tea as well. Owing to the medicinal properties of its ingredients namely lemon balm, passion flower, chamomile, valerian and hawthorn, it helps you relax and get better sleep. 

12 – Lemon Balm Tea

Melissa or lemon balm is a medicinal plant with many qualities. It is known for having a soothing and relaxing effect and is hence often used in teas. This pleasant infusion has a subtle, sweet taste and a very refreshing effect.

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