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Coffee Mixes, Pods, Capsules and Grains

What we make & for whom

At Columbia Coffee, we produce intense, rich mixtures with a perfect balance of flavors and intensity resulting in a sweet, velvety taste. Our clientele includes bars, restaurants and hotels.

Best quality

The intense mixture, primarily composed of Arabica beans with its sweet taste and velvety texture is designed to fit perfectly into E.S.E pods, FAP capsules and other compatible capsules.

Chicco Nero

Chicco Nero are suited to be distributed in pods and capsules. Our most intense blends are composed of Robusta beans. Also, the delicious taste of chocolate enhances the value and quality of the already rich blend.

Family mix for businesses & agencies

We create our mixtures keeping in mind its use in vending machines for different businesses and government agencies. This medium intensity mixture, available only in grains, is fruity and sweet in taste and is popular among most people.

Gran Crema

Along with the “Family” mixture, the Gran Crema mixture is the second most intense blend that is used for vending and distribution. We have created this blend for people who prefer a full-bodied, creamy and a very intense coffee. 


This blend has been developed for coffee lovers and those who avoid consumption of excess caffeine. It is composed of 50% Arabica beans and 50% of Robusta beans and isA a delicate and fruity mixture of low intensity.For further information on coffee blends, call us on 0545 26770!

For information on our mixes call us on 0545-26770!