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Best Coffee Producer in Lugo

Our coffee beans are closely examined before being roasted and blended. We ensure the sale of our coffee and infusions through specialized retailers.

Our World of Coffee

Our company does everything that revolves around coffee, starting from producing beans, capsules & pods and brewing mixtures suited to every need, to supplying coffee machines to a variety of customers like offices, shops, bars and restaurants


To achieve a superior quality of coffee, it is important that the beans are free of defects. After careful examination, these coffee beans are roasted. Roasting is an art that requires experience, technical capacities and knowledge to ensure that the coffee has its characteristic flavour, body and a sweet, intense aroma. We then retain uniformity in taste using the method of hot-air roasting or indirect heating, wherein the beans do not come in contact with either the flames or the combustion fumes. Finally, in our roaster, we skilfully mix and combine the different types of Arabica and Robusta coffee to render the coffee, its personality, quality and superior aroma.

Columbia Coffee Photos

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